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Saturday, September 20: Tab Benoit

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Tab Benoit

Tab Benoit is Louisiana’s No. 1 roots export. More than just an acclaimed bluesman, he is an indefatigable conservation advocate. Benoit is a driving force behind Voice of the Wetlands, an organization working to save Louisiana’s wetlands. In 2010, he received the Governor’s Award for Conservationist of the Year from the Louisiana Wildlife Federation. Benoit also starred in the iMax motion picture Hurricane on the Bayou, a documentary of Hurricane Katrina’s effects and a call to restore the wetlands.

In 2007, Benoit won the dual awards of B.B. King Entertainer of the Year and Best Contemporary Male Performer at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis (formerly the W.C. Handy Awards). In 2006, he received a GRAMMY nomination for Best Traditional Blues Album for Brother to the Blues, a collaboration with Louisiana’s LeRoux. LeRoux joined Benoit on Power of the Pontchartrain in 2007 and the live Night Train to Nashville in 2008.

Medicine is more than another strong entry in Benoit’s increasingly impressive discography it’s one of his most defining albums. ‘Magic happens when you least expect it,’ says Benoit. ‘Most of the stuff here was played live ~ these are mostly first takes. When it came down to playing, we weren’t trying to structure things. We were open to the moment.’

Chase Walker Band

The Chase Walker Band is passionately reinventing roots music into modern vinyl-worthy classics with a vibrant flare. Heads turn and do a double-take when the Chase Walker Band unleashes their sound in a live performance. These teens, Chase Walker (lead guitar/vocals), Randon Davitt (bass guitar/vocals) and Matthew Fyke (drums), explode with talent, maturity and soul far beyond their years. Their sound is raw and real. No faking it here. Hailing from Southern California, ages fifteen to sixteen, they take you back to a nostalgic feeling of 70’s Blues with a modern groove. After Chase and Matt met at a blues camp, Chase’s school mate, Randon, came on board to solidify the power trio in October 2012. While they draw inspirations from masters such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Little Walter, and 60’s blues-rock groups such as Jimi Hendrix, Band of Gypsies, The Band—they are reinventing vintage vibes into their own brand of contemporary Blues filled with haunting atmosphere, passion and venom. Their deep soul and talent juxtaposed with their young age create a jaw-dropping reaction from audiences while they try to reconcile the seeming incongruence. They are young kids…yet they play like seasoned pros. Time and again, eyes grow wide with disbelief. The confidence and precision in the band’s musicianship make believers out of the most discerning music lover.

One Foot in the Blues

Saturday, September 27: Pain Of Salvation

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Pain of Salvation

Pain of Salvation is a Swedish progressive rock band headed by Daniel Gildenlöw; the band’s lyricist, chief composer, guitarist, and lead vocalist. Their sound is characterised by powerful, accentuated guitar work, broad vocal range, abrupt switching between heavy and calm passages, intense syncopation, and polyrhythmic experimentation. Another trademark of the band is that each album is a concept album. Some of the topics addressed in the band’s albums include sexuality, war and its effect on family and humanity, environmental issues (such as nuclear power), the forming of the individual, and the nature of God, humankind, and existence.

Note: Even though this is the censored version of the video ‘Where it Hurts’ it still may not be suitable for all audiences.


Oklahoma City based powerhouse VANGOUGH may be named after a post-impressionistic artist, come from a conservative bastion of the U.S. and draw inspiration from a variety of exotic musical styles; yet driven by the explosive, cutting edge vision of guitarist and lead vocalist Clay Withrow, the band’s incisive and infectious songs and intense energy requires adjectives far beyond words that describe mainstream artists. So here’s an opening attempt: committed to drawing listeners into their melodies before totally upending the tea table, they spit fiery madness by drenching your ears with a purple sunrise of melodic cocaine.

Friday, October 3: Eluveitie

Doors open at 7:00 pm


“Est. 2002″

Eluveitie’s saga of success began just when mainman and mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann decided to form ELUVEITIE with the goal to fuse gothenburg styled melodic death metal with ancient folk melodies and themes to a powerful mixture that would soon become the „New Wave Of Folk Metal“. That was back in 2002 and Chrigel only meant to form a studio project.

Slania (2008)

Of course all that is history by now and the so called „studio project“ grew into a respected, well-known and active band. A relentless amount of touring and recording was all the band did in the past two years after having signed to Nuclear Blast Records. Their label debut „Slania“ marked the first chart entry (Switzerland: #35, Germany: #72) and was followed by massive touring activities all around the globe throughout 2008.



Profession of the Christian Faith or Decapitation: This was the choice given by Sigmundur to his Faroese Viking compatriot Tróndur í Gøtu. And so it was that in 999 A.D., the Christianization of the small “Faeroe Islands” began, casting a veil of oblivion over the ancient Scandinavian gods and only leaving the relics of forgotten heathenry buried deep within the Christian ritual. Or so it was believed…

Exactly 999 years later, a small group fondly remembering the archaic gods and rites came together to form the Faroese Viking metal band, TÝR. The one-armed God of War —the bravest of all— became the eponym of the Nordic quartet. Yet TÝR mastermind Heri Joensen is no war monger in disguise and points out that TÝR (also known as the God of Justice) is also revered for first seeking the avenues of diplomacy—an attribute that does not take away from this god of war’s drive.

A distinctive trademark that sets TÝR apart from most other bands of the Viking metal genre is the authenticity of their music: “Traditional music dating back to the Vikings, that is not preserved anywhere else in the world, not even in Iceland, is passed on in an oral tradition here and it is still alive and well. That is what we build our music on and draw great inspiration from,” explains Joensen. More


On 24 February 1999, three men held a meeting at the borders of the Pääsküla bog, in the singer and guitar player Markus’s basement, one of whom could play a little bit of guitar, another who knew how to play a little bit of drums, and a third who had come up with a sufficiently ancient-sounding name that would be just right for a heavy metal band – ’Metsatöll’ (the name “Metsatöll” is an ancient Estonian euphemism for wolf).The thought soon turned into reality and over the next few days four or five songs were composed and a couple of months later there was an entire album-full of them. The demo album Terast mis hangund me hinge was released in the autumn of 1999. Soon afterwards, Lauri joined the band, bringing with him a second guitar, the torupill, kannels and flutes. More

Friday, October 17: Raven

Doors open at 7:00 pm


According to the pages of the various metal media, the labels “LEGENDARY,” “INNOVATIVE,” “TRUE ORIGINALS,” as well as “LUNATICS!” have been rightfully pinned upon RAVEN over the years. In a music scene filled by clones nurtured with a cookie-cutter mentality, the unique personality, power and humor of the three band members has always shone through. The crazed vocals & bass playing of John Gallagher, the full frontal guitar assault of brother, Mark Gallagher, and the punishing polyrhythmic pounding of drummer, Joe Hasselvander, all combine to form a sonic battering ram unique in rock!

Night Demon

Saturday, October 18: Gus G. – Ozzy Osbourne Guitar Player

Doors open at 7:00 pm
Gus G - Ozzy Osbourne Guitar Player

Gus G.

Gus G. has spent the past decade quietly affirming his place as one of metal’s reigning guitar virtuosos. He has recorded more than a dozen studio albums, performed around the world as a member of acts ranging from Arch Enemy and Dream Evil to his own band Firewind, and has been Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist since being personally handpicked by the heavy metal legend in August 2009. Now, with the release of his first-ever solo album ‘I Am The Fire’ on Century Media Records, the fleet-fingered Greek fret-shredder will embark on the next chapter of his history-shaping career.


Everyone stands equal in judgement at death. Good or evil, rich or poor, male or female. It’s not the material things that you acquire that become your legacy, it’s what you do to make a difference. In the mortal life, everyone has free will and with free will comes choices. Either you fight the demons and rise above or you drown with the fallen. With their new EP Halfway To Hell, Lynam—Jacob Bunton [Vocals, Guitar], David Lynam [Drums], Lonny Paul [Guitar], and Mark Dzier [Bass]—take their sound to new heights expanding on the melodic hard rock machine that they’ve been driving since their 2006 major label debut, Slave To The Machine. The band’s sound is louder, heavier, more aggressive and more infectious than the preceding albums.


Rammoth formed in early 2011 originally 4 members playing all original rock with hard driving riffs complemented by melodic tones. Many influencial muscians drive the force behind our music, bands from the 60’s to present. We strive to write songs that will take you on a ride musically and lyrically, come and see the show!


Playing the full, four decade array of the Scorpions Rock music library . Playing all three legendary lead guitarist’s influencing this Hanover Germany/ based rock band.

Steam Rock Fever – Pictured Life – Loving You Sunday Morning – Holiday – Love Drive – Falling in Love – The Zoo – Hurricane – Blackout — its endless. We also bring the look and feel of the Scorpions, Never breaking the lead Vocalist role, Eric Schermerhorn, of German Descent, will have you smiling and singing along song after song. A true” Scorpions Tribute Band.”

Friday, October 24: Michael Lee Firkins

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Michael Lee Firkins

Michael’s new release “Yep” was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. Recorded all analog 24 track 2inch tape. It pays homage to the Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Southern Rock of yesteryear. From the first notes of Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell’s B3 organ Licks in “Golden Oldie”, you instantly get the feeling this is a classic sounding album. Gov’t Mule drummer and Bassist Matt Abts and Andy Hess make this a record with a REAL groove very unlike the machine recordings of most bands. Add Michael’s original sounding Southern Rock Guitar and Vocals and you’ve got a serious record! It’s already getting great reviews in magazines all over the world.

Born to musician parents, his father was a lap steel guitarist and his mother a pianist, he started playing acoustic guitar at the young age of eight. Mostly self taught, he also took lessons at a local Omaha music store. Learning the songs of the times, Michael was heavily into Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and AC/DC.

By 1979 Michael was electrified, he soon played in local bands and in church from the age of 12 until 18. In 1985 Michael started touring the country in cover tune bands. Frustrated with cover tunes, he eventually went back to Omaha and began teaching guitar.For the next few years, Michael’s musical influences were expanding. Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Albert Lee, and Danny Gatton were among the list of new favorites. As Michael continued to grow musically, he recorded a 5 song demo of instrumental guitar tunes that showcased his guitar playing. The 5 song demo was sent to Guitar Player Magazine talent scout Mike Varney who signed Firkins immediately. A release of his first album was soon to follow.

In 1990, Michael released his self titled debut album on Shrapnel Records. This release showcased Michael’s signature sound of rock blended with country, blues and jazz. With the strength of this album, Michael’s first release sold more than 100,000 copies. This well received album also landed Michael the winner of the “BEST NEW TALENT” reader’s poll in Guitar for the Practicing Musician and also runner up in Guitar Player Magazine’s “BEST NEW TALENT” readers poll. He was also hailed as “ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PLAYERS OF THE NEXT TEN YEARS” by Guitar for the Practicing Musician. As Michael’s music was also popular in Europe, Firkins won the Edison Award, which is Holland’s version of a Grammy.

Points North

Points North creates melodic guitar-driven instrumental music, combining musicianship and a modern aesthetic with classic tones, song structures, and pop sensibility.

Some of the diverse and noted artists Points North has played with across Northern and Southern California include:

  • Eric Johnson
  • Blues Traveler
  • KingsX
  • Al Di Meola
  • Allan Holdsworth
  • Steve Morse
  • and more


  • 2003 Los Angeles Music Awards Winner “Instrumental Album of the Year”
  • 2003 Los Angeles Music Awards Nominee “Guitarist of the Year”
  • 2003 San Diego Music Awards Nominee “Best Rock Album”

Pet Shark

Pet Shark is a progressive rock, instrumental band from Orange County, California featuring Keith Moreland on guitar, Ted Morton on drums. Matt Bissonette recorded bass guitar on the album, but because of his busy recording and touring schedule (Now with Elton John), he was not able to join the band for the live shows. So they’ve been joined by bass guitarist Russ Reshaw who has been on the road with the band Two or More for the last ten years, playing over 120 dates per year. Russ has also performed with Bobby Kimball, former lead singer of the band Toto. Russ is an amazing bass player, but best of all, he’s a great guy. The band is very pleased to have him.

Saturday, October 25: Deicide

Doors open at 7:00 pm


Twenty years ago, an underground cult movement surfaced in Tampa, Florida that revolutionized the metal world. The pioneers of this burgeoning scene, DEICIDE, are still striking fear into hearts of the masses to this day. Century Media Records are extremely proud to announce a worldwide deal with DEICIDE, one of the founding fathers of death metal and easily one of the most influential and controversial bands ever. With a relentlessly brutal sound and uncompromisingly blasphemous lyrics, DEICIDE helped set the standards for extreme metal and have maintained those standards ever since.

Septic Flesh

SEPTICFLESH recorded their sixth full length album for “Season of Mist”. The yet untitled album was to contain all the elements that made the sound of SEPTICFLESH so unique: pale, strange guitar melodies, brutal and sharp riffing, the devil behind the mic, and of course the neoclassical arrangements that are Chris Antoniou’s trademark.

To get that result, Chris the “gothic maestro” tortured a full orchestra and a choir respectively composed of 80 musicians and 32 singers! The rest of the album was recorded and mixed in what has become the temple of their past two musical rituals. Yes, once again they chose to invade the famous Fredman studios, with Fredrik Nordstrom.


INQUISITION style of black metal involves slow, deep and dark riffing combined with sudden tempo changes to faster sections based around blast beats and high-speed riffing; at times adding melodic solos. The classic Inquisition sound incorporates a combination of early era thrash metal-influenced riffing with darker and more chaotic black metal, primarily involving fast, tremolo picked minor-key guitar riffs, thus creating the trademark “Inquisition sound”.

Abysmal Dawn

Hailing from Los Angeles CA, ABYSMAL DAWN plays an aggressive mix of modern death metal. The band seamlessly blends the hooks and technicality of early 90’s American death metal, with atmosphere, melody and the brutality of their contemporaries.

Carach Angren

The Dutch masters of horror are back! CARACH ANGREN will take you to the hell of war with their mind blowing third full-length “Where The Corpses Sink Forever”. With bold strokes of eerily shimmering and whirring guitars, scratching dashes of fiercely rasping vocals, dabs of precisely rattling drums and a wide palette of grey and black sound hues, the trio creates dark portraits of supernatural landscapes that rival the masterful craftsmanship of Rembrandt, Bruegel and Vermeer in their vivid imagery and depth of detail.


Helsótt is Teutonic for “FATAL ILLNESS”

Formed Feb 1st 2010 Helsótt is a melding of American Thrash/Death and Pagan Metal. Very melodic and very brutal music sets the pace for a high energy live act that can only be described as crushing.

On a National level Helsótt has toured the US and Canada with Paganfest alongside Ensiferum, Tyr, Heidevolk, and Trollfest…for Rock The Nation USA.

On a local level Helsótt has supported national and international acts such as: Finntroll, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow, Turisas, Nile, Ex Deo, Dio’s Disciples, Tyr, Korpiklaani, Nevermore, Suidakra, Eluveitie, Arkona, Alestorm, Metsatöll, Kill Devil Hill, Fear Factory, Rotting Christ, Epica, Death Angel, Hate, Kampfar, Vreid, Keep of Kalessin, Warbringer, Mayhem, Destruction, Heathen, Goatwhore, Possessed Woods of Ypres, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Aborted and many more.

Thursday, October 30: Gungor

Doors open at 6:30 pm


Michael Gungor, through the musical collective known simply as Gungor, has achieved just such a work. Setting aside his reliance on what he called “metaphysical constructs I’d known all my life,” Gungor has tapped his considerable musical reserves for a song set simultaneously re- velatory in its lyrical content, ambitious in its sonic scope and compelling in its approachability.

Finally given the opportunity to self-identify, Gungor uses his skills as an accomplished multi- instrumentalist, arranger and producer on “I Am Mountain” to kick off a journey of stories told, some personal, some allegorical, but all honest and forthright.

Thursday, November 13: Kreator

Doors open at 7:00 pm


Being around for nearly 30 years, Germanys biggest export in thrash metal, KREATOR, have proven to be persistent, innovative and an unstoppable force. Miland “Mille” Petrozza have inspired generations of young bands with their early efforts like “Endless Pain” (1985), “Pleasure To Kill” (1986) or “Extreme Aggression” (1989), but also made statements by their most recent outputs “Violent Revolution” (2001), “Enemy Of God” (2005) and “Hordes Of Chaos” (2009).

Enter 2012, KREATOR have finally found a new home with Nuclear Blast Records and deliver the most diverse, melodic and intense album of their entire, long running career. Produced at renowned Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden with famous producer Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, AMON AMARTH, SYMPHONY X), “Phantom Antichrist” comes with a clearly transparent, powerful and thundering sound. The classic and impressive artwork which makes the package just perfect was created by Wes Benscoter, who had worked with the likes of BLACK SABBATH, DIO and SLAYER before.

Musically as well as lyricwise “Phantom Antichrist” showcases everything KREATOR stand for, even taking it to the next level. Be it pure KREATOResque thrashing madness, solos that actually aren’t only there for statistics but can really be described as what they are and make you wanna shred your personal air guitar all night long, or the most epic moments you’ve ever heard on any KREATOR album – this is what you’ve been longing for the past 3 years and we can only aggree with Mille, who states:

“It will blow everything away, the “Big Four” have released in the past few years! Prepare to get your face ripped off!”


Formed on June 1st, 2012 by guitarist/vocalist Steve Brogden and bassist Don Lauder, and with the addition of drumming legend Norm Leggio and Cage guitarist Dave Garcia, Nukem is one of San Diego’s newest and most promising Thrash Metal acts to appear on the scene and they’re ready to destroy! In the band’s short time of existence thus far, Nukem has had the honor of playing direct support to LeatherWolf, Halcyon Way, Fozzy, Metal Church, and the mighty Saxon! They are currently putting the final touches on their soon to be released demo and will start the writing process on the next wave of songs. All though the band is new to the scene, the members themselves are not. Each player is comes to this project with a massive of amount of experience, know-how, and perseverance. Nukem’s future is looking very promising and they’re ready to deliver the Thrash Metal payload. Now’s the time to Nukem All!


Influenced from the melodic tones of Iron Maiden to the thrash / speed metal riffs of early Metallica, Exodus, and Iced Earth, out of Menifee came Battlefront!. An unfortunate motorcycle accident which took the life of our bassist and friend Ozzy put the band on a halt until local friends stepped up and kept things going. Eric Dow and Mark Dow from Helsott took over on drums and bass while Joe Mish from Crost took over on lead guitar. We have loyal fans known as S.O.B.’s – Soldiers Of Battlefront. Become a soldier.


Vanguard was founded by drummer Jesus Dominguez and guitarist Andrew Soto. Later, Christian (guitar) and Marcos (vocals) Dominguez (brothers of Jesus Dominguez) were added to Vanguard. Then, Arturo Ortiz was added to Vanguard to play bass.

Vanguard as of now began to play concerts in the San Diego music scene in various venues including the Epicentre, SOMA, Electric Playground, and the House of Blues San Diego. ALSO, Vanguard has played in the legendary Whisky A Go Go with the legendary heavy metal band Metal Church. Vanguard will return to the Whisky to play with another metal giant, Death Angel.

As of now, Vanguard has recently released their first EP and you can go listen to it on Bandcamp and Reverbnation.

Santa Claus

Formed on June 1, 1985. Played covers of favorite bands. Played parties and assorted gigs in San Diego area. Introduced original material in Dec. ‘85. Opened for Death Angel, Dark Angel, Possessed, and D.R.I. on Jan. 4, ‘86 with fellow locals Legion at the Adams Ave. Theatre. Also played with Insolents, U.P.S., Ministry Of Truth, Justice League, Christ On Parade, Life Sentence, D.R.I.(87+90), Dr. Know, Hirax, Scream, L7, Beowülf, MX Machine, Exodus, Forbidden(89+95), Gwar, Excel, Mordred, Psychotic Waltz, Sprung Monkey, Carcass, Life Of Agony, The Mentors, and Malevolent Creation. Played in Tijuana, Mexico(4 times); Phoenix, AZ; Berkeley, CA; El Centro, CA; and Los Angeles, CA(twice). Performed live on San Diego State University’s KCR radio station. Played at the Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair in front of approximately 2,000 people in August ‘85 (second ever performance!). Released “Here Comes Santa Claus” demo tape during summer of ‘86. Released “Rocks In Your Stocking” demo tape in summer of ‘88. Unofficial 2 song recording, “The Frank Sessions”, was distributed locally during spring ‘92, and received minor airplay on radio station 91X’ Loudspeaker program. A self financed CD was in the works in 1995, titled “ALTERed NATIVE”. Lineup changes postponed the project, which was not completed due to the dissolution of the band on June 1, 1996.

Currently rehearsing “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “Rocks In Your Stocking” material, plus other bonus and surprise tunes, including brand new songs!

Reignition…November 13, 2014

Saturday, November 15: Death

Doors open at 7:00 pm


Unquestionably one of the most important and influential metal acts to have ever emerged from the North American continent, Florida’s DEATH came together in late 1983 when guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schuldiner and guitarist Rick Rozz (real name: Frederick DeLillo) got together with drummer/vocalist Barney “Kam” Lee to form Mantas. Drawing musical inspiration from Venom and Slayer, the trio (no bassist had yet entered the picture!) went about composing original tunes and making very rough, crude rehearsal recordings to send out to various tape-traders around the world. Internal turmoil within the group and Mantas’ eventual break-up in late 1984 resulted in Chuck’s vow to carry on making music that was “faster and heavier” than anything he’d done before.


Upon switching their name from Xecutioner to Obituary, the career of one of the most successful and influential Death Metal bands began. Hailing from Florida and featuring John Tardy (vocals), brother Donald Tardy (drums), Trevor Peres (guitar), Allen West (guitar), and Daniel Tucker (bass), the band signed to Roadracer Records, a now defunct division of Roadrunner, for the recording of their debut album—the immense and immeasurably heavy “Slowly We Rot” (1989). The album was engineered by the legendary Scott Burns at Morrisound Studio, which would come to be the most sought after facility for production of albums during 1990’s rise of the Death Metal genre. Unlike much death metal preceding it, the album had a sludgy feel and integrated devastatingly slow passages along with obliterating overtures that reached far beyond any point of mayhem that metal had yet to reach; the result was a carnal pleasure for doom, death and thrash fans alike coupling the adrenaline of a speedball with the slow, degrading measures of a sewer at dusk. Like them or not, Obituary was unlike anything anyone had heard before.


The Legendary Massacre has once again Returned with 2 original members from the (From Beyond) line up TERRY BUTLER (BASS) and RICK ROZZ on (GUITAR) but with addition of 2 new comers (MIKE MAZZONETTO) on DRUMS & (ED WEBB) on VOCALS. Brutal Broadcast had the Honored privilege to attend and Film 3 songs at there 3rd Rehearsal at CGM Studios in Altamonte Springs Florida. And I must say the NEW MASSACRE is far more DEVASTATING Than it EVER Was!!!! So Check out the Episode and watch all 3 songs in their entirety and if your in Tampa on January 14th 2012 you can see them for their ONLY U.S. Date at the Brass Mug (the CBGB of the South) And looking forward to the summer of 2012.

Rivers of Nihil

In a time when the music industry is highly over saturated, it’s rare when artists genuinely strive to create something different from the norms of their genre. This Reading PA based 5 piece has been doing just that. Forming out of previous bands and local comradery, Jake, Brody, Jon, Biggs and Ron are on a relentless path of taking things to the next level.

Mortuus Terror

Mortuus Terror was founded in San Diego California in 1997 from the ashes of thrash metal band Toxic Race (R.I.P.) with Ed Talorda, Sergio Carlos, Ed Mayen (Stretcher), Freddy Manzur, and Luis Diaz. A strong following in the San Diego metal community was built, and saw the band share the stage with Morbid Angel, Deicide, Nile, King Diamond, Hate Eternal until life decisions put the band on hiatus and forced the members to go their separate ways, with Sergio focusing on Armagedon(MX) and Ed Talorda joining Disgorge (U.S.) in 2004.

…Fast forward a few years and Mortuus has risen out of the darkness, oozing with new blood the from the addition of singer Sam Townsley (Parasitic/Divaricate/Shit) and guitarists Nate Raaka and Eric Dickerson. New energy abounds.

Today, more than ever, the same intense desire and determination to create the most extreme, raw, brutal Death Metal possible – while still being rythmically diverse with sophisticated melodies, with strong memorable riffs that will rip your face off!

Friday, November 21: Richie Kotzen

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Richie Kotzen

When Richie Kotzen plays, you know it’s him. The guitar virtuoso, singer and songwriter possesses an inimitable style that’s both instantly recognizable and immediately striking. It also courses through The Essential Richie Kotzen, a career retrospective collection on Loud & Proud Records. The 2-CD and 1-DVD set encompasses this iconic talent’s entire career.

As soon as Kotzen picked up a guitar at seven-years-old, the instrument became an extension of him. Equally influenced by his mother’s Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin albums as well as his dad’s R&B collection of Stevie Wonder and Al Green, he started to write music that encompassed all of his inspirations.

“My roots paint a picture of where I’m coming from musically,” he affirms. “There’s some kind of hybrid in me of classic rock and old school soul. That’s where I drew from during my most formative years. I became obsessed with the guitar at that time. I never put it down. I’d fall asleep with it.”


Saturday, November 22: Sanctuary

Doors open at 7:00 pm


Sanctuary, formed in Seattle in 1985, was a pet discovery of Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine. He helped get the band signed to CBS/Epic Records, produced their first album, and took them on the road with Megadeth. The band consisted of vocalist Warrel Dane, guitarists Lenny Rutledge and Sean Blosl, bassist Jim Sheppard, and drummer Dave Budbill; after their second album, Sanctuary disbanded, with Dane and Sheppard going on to form Nevermore.


EXMORTUS are an entity amongst themselves and their music, both complex and thoroughly hook-laden, refuses to lend itself to easy categorization. From the technical death-thrash riffage and surgically precise drumming to their neo-classical, twin virtuoso lead guitar attack, fans of death metal, thrash, prog metal, traditional heavy metal and all true metal sub-genres alike enjoy having
their craniums crushed by the fury of EXMORTUS.


Hailing from San Diego, California, Power/ProgMetal band Symbolic came together with one goal – to play their music the way they want to play it.
Refusing to follow trends or lower their standards, the individual members of Symbolic found their way through numerous years and various projects filled with both live shows and recording projects. With Scott Bruce on vocals, Steve Potts on guitar, Bobby Fernandez on bass, and Steve Elias on drums, Symbolic is gearing up with a new energy and excitement for what will be their fifth CD later this year.


Sinners Rage

Sinners Rage is an all Original Power Metal Band from San Diego Ca.
The musical stylings are reminiscent of the 80’s and early 90’s Metal with today’s brand of heavy assault. Although the music is very melodic, it has a heaviness that will grab the attention of their audience.

The guys will bang their heads, and the ladies will shake their hips. There is a fine line between sounding too commercial or too heavy. Sinners Rage has bridged the gap.

Saturday, November 29: Born to be Wild

Doors open at 7:00 pm
Born to be Wild

Born to be Wild

In the late 60′s, the band Steppenwolf became famous for such hits as “Born To Be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride“. The band’s original line-up went different ways in the mid 1970′s and many went on using the name Steppenwolf. John Kay went on to tour as “John Kay and Steppenwolf” in 1981 and because of legal issues, nobody has ever toured as “Steppenwolf.” During the band’s existence, it went through several guitarists, bassists and keyboardists. Some of the members went on to other projects and still perform.

In 2005, Goldy McJohn, the original keyboard player in Steppenwolf who played on all of the hit songs and albums recorded by Steppenwolf and Glen Bui joined together to perform the music of Steppenwolf.

Saturday, December 13: Maragold (featuring Greg Howe)

Doors open at 7:00 pm


Renowned guitarist Greg Howe, widely known for his rock / fusion instrumental recordings, had been considering doing an album featuring vocal-driven songs for quite a while. Long time friend, bassist Kevin Vecchione, had played on Greg’s “Five” album, as well as having toured with Greg previously.Through the years, over the course of their enduring friendship, Greg and Kevin had been discussing and mulling over the idea of being in a band together… They finally decided to stop talking and start acting, and the seeds of the band “Maragold” were sown. Drummer Gianluca Palmieri, who had also toured with Greg, and played on his recent album “Sound Proof”, was recruited to complete their dynamic rhythm section.

All they needed was “the voice”…

Kevin had Greg listen to some demos he had done with the new singer, Meghan Krauss. Greg enthusiastically agreed that she had “the voice”, but Meghan’s presence, personality, image, and especially her ability to inject herself into a song, truly made her the “total package” that they wanted in a vocalist. Meghan agreed to take on the duties as lead singer; Greg and Kevin immediately went to work writing songs befitting her vocal style.

The results are the ten amazing songs on the debut self-titled album, “MARAGOLD”. Combining exemplary musicianship and powerhouse vocals with provocative songwriting, the album represents a daring new direction for Greg Howe, which is sure to be an exciting experience for his fans, old and new.

Saturday, December 20: Gary Hoey – Ho Ho Hoey’s Rockin’ Holiday Tour

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Ho Ho Hoey

In 1995 the first Gary Ho Ho Hoey album was released. Hoey’s idea to put a rock edge on Christmas classics was inspired by his mother’s love for Christmas and growing up in Lowell MA with his 4 sisters. “With the last name, Hoey, I decided one day to record an album called Ho Ho Hoey and re-do some of my favorite Christmas classics with a rock guitar.” It was an instant hit at radio and sold over 350,000 copies and has been a staple at most rock stations around the country ever since. “I love doing the Ho Ho Hoey Rockin Holiday Tour every year because I get to give back and help folks with various charities and toy drives. It allows me to help communities and have some fun at the same time. And it’s Hoey’s loyal fan base and his connection with them that keeps him going. “I come out after every show to meet the fans,” says Hoey. “I enjoy the feedback and interaction.”

Like Mind Protocol

Instrumental band featuring and blend of fusion, progressive, rock, and blues influences.

Roni Lee Group

Of all the groups to come out of the L.A. Music Scene, The Runaways and Venus and the Razorblades were the beginning of an era! We were teenage kids driven only by our special vision of Rock & Roll!

Born in Los Angeles and fell in love early with Rock music. The Runaways and Venus and the Razorblads both recorded my song I Wanna Be Where the Boys are as well as being featured in the recent movie titled: The Runaways.

Living the dream with the likes of Van Halen, Ramones and others at the Wiskey and throughout L.A.’s music scene, my passion for music was forever sealed.

Today, The Roni Lee Group brings you the best of my Original Tunes mixed with well-chosen covers from my favorite bands and players.

Friday, January 9: Albert Lee

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Albert Lee

Albert Lee – Grammy Award-winning British guitarist, multiple recipient of Guitar Player magazine’s “Best Country Guitarist” and celebrated by fans and musicians the world over for his hybrid picking technique.

Known for his use of the Fender Telecaster, signature Ernie Ball guitar and lightning speed playing, Albert has not only worked in the studio and on tour with some of the biggest names in world music, but he has also maintained a successful solo career of his own.

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Saturday, January 10: Pink Froyd

Doors open at 7:00 pm
Pink Froyd

Pink Froyd

Shine On #6-9

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On the Turning Away

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Set the Controls

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Sunday, January 25: Marty Friedman

Doors open at 6:00 pm

Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman began his career as a Shrapnel solo recording artist and later recruited a then 17 year old Jason Becker to form the yet unrivaled dual guitar unit, “Cacophony”, who have a strong influence on today’s top guitarists. Amassing worldwide acclaim as a guitar superstar, he came to the attention of Megadeth. Racking up sales of over 10 million records with Megadeth, Friedman continued to record solo records, often embarking on adventurous musical forays far removed from his work with Megadeth, including an album with Golden Globe winner Kitaro.

In a bold move, he left the legendary Megadeth to pursue new musical goals and has succeeded tremendously. Friedman’s many accomplishments make him currently the only musician to be a fixture in the top class of the Japanese domestic as well as international music scene.


Hailing from the unlikely roots of Santa Cruz, California, Archer is a band determined to deliver genuine uncompromised and unrelenting ass-kicking hard rock and heavy metal music to fans of all ages. As fans of the music themselves, this trio of hard rocking guys is not unlike any fan of the genre. They play for those that share a love for the music and the passion within.

Archer has worked hard to climb the rock and roll heap and have no intention of letting go or slowing down as they continue to strive towards greater heights. It is through such tireless efforts that Archer has earned its past and present successes having toured and performed alongside some of the genre’s biggest acts.

In addition to embracing the touring grind, Archer has recorded with the likes of Sam Taylor (King’s X, ZZ Top) & Gilby Clarke of Guns and Roses/Rock Star Supernova fame. Listening to their recorded efforts reveal a dedication to their craft that continues to impress.

Friday, April 3: Ewan Dobson

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Ewan Dobson

Ewan Dobson has established himself as one of Canada’s most brilliant and exhilarating guitarists, having won first prize in many guitar competitions across the country. His impressive list of credentials include winning the Grand Prizes from both the Burlington Rotary Fall Music Festival and the Pickering Rotary Music Festival where he emerged victorious, after having competed against the top prize winners of all of the other disciplines. In addition to dominating the provincial competition circuit, Dobson has made his mark nationally having represented Ontario twice at the National Finals of the prestigious Canadian Music Competitions (CMC) and having been awarded the top prize in guitar. In the summer of 2009, Dobson was crowned the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion at the prestigious 5th annual Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition held in Kingston, Ontario. Shortly after this victory, he captured another first prize in the acoustic category at the 4th Montreal Guitar Grand Prix. However, the highlight of this season took place when he caught the attention of the world by capturing 3rd place at the 38th International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship held in Winfield, Kansas.

The development of Ewan Dobson into the artist that he is today has been an eclectic journey to say the least. After humble beginnings with his first electric guitar playing heavy metal and hard rock music to the structured discipline of his classical training, Dobson has expanded his repertoire to include Bluegrass, Metal, Canadian folk, Techno, Trance, Video Game and Contemporary Fingerstyle music. The culmination of all of these diverse influences has fuelled his creativity to compose his own unique brand of music and resulted in creating the captivating artist that he is today.

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