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Kill Devil Hill

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August 3, 2012 · Doors open at 7:00 pm

  • Rex Brown – bass
  • Vinny Appice – drums
  • Mark Zavon – guitar
  • Dewey Bragg – vocals

It’s not easy to say what catches the listener’s attention first on Kill Devil Hill, the debut album by the newly formed band of the same name: the strong guitar hooks, the killer grooves, the dynamic production or the potent vocal melodies. Rex Brown, bassist of this supergroup and erstwhile member of Pantera and Down sees Kill Devil Hill in its entirety as an extremely exciting new band “To me, this band is a musical adventure trip,” he reckons. Brown knows what he’s talking about, after all he was involved in some of the most important rock and metal recordings of the past 30 years. So if Brown can hardly contain his enthusiasm, there must be something special to the Kill Devil Hill phenomenon.


Trailerpark Rockstar are an American hard rock band from Southern California. Formed in 2009, the band is comprised of founder, lead guitarist and chief songwriter Eric Meyer, vocalist/lyricist Cory Mitchell, bassist Rich Varville, and drummer James Raub. Recently, Trailerpark Rockstar released their debut, self titled record and has served as opening act for Lynch Mob, Adema, HURT, among others; headlined San Diego BayFair, San Diego’s largest civic event; and many local events including joint efforts with Toys for Toys and San Diego Food Bank charities. The band’s primary influences include Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy, Pantera, AC/DC, Allman Brothers Band, David Alan Coe, Johnny Cash, Motley Crue, and Nickleback according to Meyer and Varville. Mitchell has cited the poetic stylings of Jim Morrison as his primary influence while crafting his own distinctive lyrics. Although, his powerful vocal delivery has been more associated with the likes of Rob Zombie and Corey Taylor. Fans of Trailerpark Rockstar often compare the band to Texas rock legends Pantera. Not as much for the sound of the band but the undeniable personal connection the band has with their fans.


Helsótt is Teutonic for “Fatal Illness”

Formed Feb 1st 2010 Helsótt is a melding of American Thrash/Death and Pagan Metal. Very melodic and very brutal music sets the pace for a high energy live act that can only be described as crushing.

Helsótt has supported national and international acts such as: Finntroll, Ensiferum, Nile, Ex Deo, Turisas, Nevermore, Suidakra, Eluveitie, Alestorm, Arkona, Fear Factory, Rotting Christ, Epica, Death Angel, Hate, Kampfar, Vreid, Keep of Kalessin, Warbringer, Mayhem, Destruction, Heathen, Goatwhore, Possessed and many more.

Just Cause Boards Music Fest 2012

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August 12, 2012 · Doors open at 3:00 pm

Just Cause Boards Music Fest 2012

Proceeds benefit Standup For Kids, an organization dedicated to assisting youth at risk.

This epic event includes a chance to win a Just Cause Boards custom longboard skateboard and over $1,000 in sweet prizes!

This show is an all ages event and to help promote family time we are offering FREE ADMISSION for 12 years old and younger!

Tickets are $10 and are on sale now and may be purchased online or by contacting one of the participating bands directly. Proceeds benefit Standup For Kids, an organization dedicated to assisting youth at risk.

L.A. Guns with Phil Lewis

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August 17, 2012 · Doors open at 7:00 pm

L.A. Guns

Hollywood — The band LA GUNS are set to hit the US on a club tour for the summer of 2012 in support of their new release “HOLLYWOOD FOREVER”. But that’s not the only place their hitting. The band just debuted @ #25 on the Billboard Hard Rock charts with their latest disc.

The new LA Guns was produced by Andy Johns (Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, WildSide) and is on Deadline Cleopatra Records. The new music hit the streets June 5th.

The band have filmed three videos for “You Better Not Love Me,” “Requiem (Hollywood Forever)” & “Araña Negra!”

The label looks to do both radio and TV advertisitng, along with select online promotions as well. “I have been advertising online with sites like METAL SLUDGE for a decade now. It works.” Says Deadline Cleopatra President Brian Perera.

Recently members Phil Lewis (vocalist) & Steve Riley (drums) taped an appearance on VH1’s “That Metal Show” that will air in late July. The band just appeared at M3 Rock Festival in May and look to tour throughout the summer in support of the new release.

With their roots set on the Sunset Strip, L.A. Guns has become a staple of 80’s glam and sleaze-rock. With a deep catalog of hair metal classics like “Ballad of Jayne,” “Never Enough,” “Sex Action,” and “Over the Edge,” L.A. Guns has solidified their position as true legends of Hollywood.

The band will be releasing their latest album, Hollywood Forever on June 5th on Cleopatra Records. The band once again brought in veteran Andy Johns to produce the album.

L.A. Guns, with originals Phil Lewis and Steve Riley along with Stacey Blades and Scott Griffin, continue to tour the country and the globe. With 25-years worth of material, L.A. Guns has proved to be true warriors of the 80’s genre and look forward to recording more albums and building upon their legacy.

ShotGun Chaperone

Taz Taylor

Taz Taylor was exposed at a very early age to the golden era of Rock Guitar playing. Michael Schenker in UFO and then in his own band MSG, Gary Moore in his late-70s/early-80s heyday, Randy Rhoads and Jake E. Lee and of course the early Van Halen albums, all left an indelible mark on the musical psyche of Taz.

Crystal Riot

CRYSTAL RIOT Acoustic Rock. A bold blend of ROCK VOCALS with acoustic GUITAR SHRED, combining hits of the Sunset Strip 80’s rock, big hair band anthems, and memorable originals…


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August 18, 2012 · Doors open at 7:00 pm


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