November 13, 2013 · Doors open at 7:00 pm

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Arkona is a Russian pagan metal band. Their lyrics are heavily influenced by Russian folklore and Slavic mythology, and their music incorporates several traditional Russian musical instruments. The name of the band “Arkona” refers to the last pagan Slavic city-castle.

Their singer, also historian and songwriter, Maria “Masha Scream” Arkhipova, is one of relatively few successful female vocalists to sing in a death growl style.

The roots of Arkona are to be searched for in the beginning of 2002, when the members of local pagan community “Vyatichi” – Maria “Scream” Arhipova and Alexander “Warlock” Korolyov decided to form a band, according to their ideology and musical tastes.


Helsótt is Teutonic for “FATAL ILLNESS”

Formed Feb 1st 2010 Helsótt is a melding of American Thrash/Death and Pagan Metal. Very melodic and very brutal music sets the pace for a high energy live act that can only be described as crushing.


Gravespell was started out as a black metal studio project called Gannondorf. Heavily influenced by themes from the popular Legend of Zelda video game series, they labeled themselves as “True Hyrulian Black Metal”. The first demo was released in 2008 with Dan Morris on vocals, Alonzo Larios on Guitar, and Ryan Bruno on bass. Two years later the Band released their second demo “Throne Through Time” which featured more experimental and psychedelic elements in their music.


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